2019-02-10Idiotbox: Youtube interface(s)
2018-08-17Gopher HTTP proxy
2018-03-10Setup your own file paste service
2018-02-25Setup your own git hosting service
2017-12-11Setup an OpenBSD SPARC64 VM in QEMU
2017-09-24Tscrape: a Twitter scraper
2017-09-24jsdatatable: a small datatable Javascript
2017-08-04Stagit-gopher: a static git page generator for gopher
2017-06-10Saait: a boring HTML page generator
2017-05-10Stagit: a static git page generator
2015-07-05OpenBSD httpd, slowcgi and cgit
2014-11-23twitch-go: web application to watch Twitch streams
2014-11-23mg: port of OpenBSD mg version to Linux
2014-03-02Userscript: focus input field
2013-02-21Userscript: Youtube circumvent age verification
2012-10-21Userscript: block stupid fonts
2011-04-01Sfeed: simple RSS and Atom parser
2011-01-07Vim theme: relaxed
2010-10-31Seturgent: set urgency hints for X applications
2010-10-31GTK2 theme: gtk-murrine-rape
2010-08-12DWM-hiltjo: my windowmanager configuration
2010-04-21Query unused CSS rules on current document state
2009-07-05Driconf: enabling S3 texture compression on Linux
2009-04-13Getting the USB-powerline bridge to work on Linux
2009-04-12Gothic 1 game guide