Chess puzzle book generator
xargs: an example for parallel batch jobs
Improved Youtube RSS/Atom feed
webdump HTML to plain-text converter
Setup your own mail paste service
A simple TODO application
2FA TOTP without crappy authenticator apps
Setup an OpenBSD RISCV64 VM in QEMU
Sfeed_curses: a curses UI front-end for sfeed
hurl: HTTP, HTTPS and Gopher file grabber
json2tsv: a JSON to TSV converter
OpenBSD: setup a local auto-installation server
Idiotbox: Youtube interface
Gopher HTTP proxy
Setup your own file paste service
Setup your own git hosting service
Setup an OpenBSD SPARC64 VM in QEMU
Tscrape: a Twitter scraper
jsdatatable: a small datatable Javascript
Stagit-gopher: a static git page generator for gopher
Saait: a boring HTML page generator
Stagit: a static git page generator
OpenBSD httpd, slowcgi and cgit
twitch: application to watch Twitch streams
Userscript: focus input field
Userscript: Youtube circumvent age verification
Userscript: block stupid fonts
Sfeed: simple RSS and Atom parser
Vim theme: relaxed
Seturgent: set urgency hints for X applications
DWM-hiltjo: my windowmanager configuration
Query unused CSS rules on current document state
Driconf: enabling S3 texture compression on Linux
Getting the USB-powerline bridge to work on Linux
Gothic 1 game guide